Exterior Wood Stain

Keep your wood protected from the elements!

Adding wood stain to your exterior wood, such as your deck or fence, provides protection from the sun, weather, rot and adds a waterproof layer. Plus, the various shades and colors of the stain can beautify your wood projects, making them a centerpiece of your yard and home.

We offer a wide selection of wood stains and knowledgeable staff who can help you find the right stain for your wood.


Armstrong-Clark has a great selection of oil-based, long-lasting wood stains that are available in a variety of colors and an extremely user-friendly formula for application.


If you have logs, cedar or redwood siding, wood decking or any other exterior natural wood surface, Boodge Log, Siding & Deck Oil is an outstanding way to ensure you will have beautiful and long-lasting results with a simple maintenance routine that will save substantial amounts of time and money for years to come.

Expert Stain & Seal
Expert Stain & Seal

Expert Stain & Seal

Extend wood’s life and beauty effortlessly with EXPERT Stain & Seal. Designed for long-lasting, beautiful protection, their stains provide a deep penetrating protection that can be easily re-applied without any scraping, stripping, or sanding.

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PPG ProLuxe™

Providing a distinctively rich and vibrant finish, PPG ProLuxe™ is a premium wood stain that excels in durability, performance and look on all types of exterior wood.


Flood wood stain is great for protecting, preserving and beautifying any exterior wood project with gorgeous wood-toned hues and bold colors.

Ready Seal

A wood stain and sealer in one, Ready Seal offers superior hassle-free application, easy maintenance and beautiful wood tones to your exterior wood.


With a variety of finishes from clear to solid, Olympic stain enhances the beauty of your exterior wood while protecting it from harsh weather, the sun and wear.


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