Treat your wood with M.L. Campbell products.

A leading North American manufacturer for the wood finishing industry, M.L. Campbell has built a reputation of dependability and product excellence for over 100 years. As an exclusive manufacturer of wood coatings, they are dedicated to supplying customers with high-performance finishes. M.L. Campbell focuses strictly on wood coatings and combines the best of North American and European formulating technology to create a full line of advanced finishing products and systems.

Here at Dearco, we have a terrific selection of clear, pigmented and specialty lacquer products that can help you treat and protect your wood while still giving it a great finished look. Stop in and ask our expert staff for application tips and which lacquer is best for your project!

Clear Lacquer

Clear lacquer is a simple yet attractive way to protect your wooden materials, such as furniture, cabinets, doors, trim and more. We carry a large inventory of M.L. Campbell clear finishes that add a beautiful sheen to any type of project.

Pigmented Lacquer

Pigmented lacquers are great for obscuring woods with large, open grains—like oak or ash. This allows for a cleaner look when you finish your projects while enhancing the natural, rich look of the wood. Pigmented lacquers provide an excellent full-body (high solids) finish that is scratch and mar resistant and provides excellent moisture resistance. We have a great selection of pigmented lacquers that are sure to fit your needs. Ask one of our team members for their recommendations!

Specialty Lacquer

The specialty lacquers from M.L. Campbell are great for no-hassle work with fast dry times, easy use and an excellent finish. Each will beautifully enhance the look of your wooden materials, with some achieving deep, rich colors and others highlighting the wood’s natural grain. Speak with one of our expert team members to learn the differences between the various specialty lacquers and which one will work best for your project!


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